It's a testament to the multivalence of house music that it continues to invite breathy, earnest whispers of words like "serenity" without ceding any of its seedy allure. Indeed, the interplay of the two extremes helps account for the recent resurgence of aging house modes in the newer reaches of minimal-techno. Prosumer + Murat Tepeli represents that resurgence as it's happening in Berlin: The duo, affiliated with the storied club Berghain/Panorama Bar, crafts careful dance tracks that distill the essence of old Chicago house while giving it a contemporary sense of space and shine. The songs—many are certifiable "songs," with vocals—fall in line with the kind of domesticated house proffered by Matthew Herbert a few years back. But Prosumer + Tepeli favor function as much as comfort, whether leaning into a groove or pulling back to remember how grooves used to go.