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Radiohead's ever-increasing fascination with boundaries and button-pushing hits full realization with The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth Of All Time, a collection of 24 short films that its record label probably prayed would turn out more like music videos than they did. Conceptualized as a visual companion to 2003's engagingly abstruse Hail To The Thief, these pieces were originally intended to air on British TV in four separate half-hour segments around the time of the album's release. On the DVD's package, singer Thom Yorke notes that he's pretty sure they only made it as far as Radiohead's web site, currently the only place to purchase Gigantic Lying Mouth, apart from a few independent record stores.


The DVD's limited availability clearly mirrors its limited appeal: Casual fans won't want to sit through nearly two hours of high-concept clips simply because they're set to Radiohead's songs, and only a few of the disc's entries—some produced by fans, some by professionals—have multi-viewing appeal. Those patient or curious enough to comb through it won't go completely unrewarded, though. In addition to a few standout films (particularly James Field's "The Slave" and the Bush-bashing "The Homeland Hodown"), the DVD includes some strangely shot glimpses of Radiohead rehearsing and recording, including at least one excellent, otherwise unreleased song ("Morning M'Lord").

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