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Remembering the unlikely track that united DOOM and Larry The Cable Guy

In Hear This, A.V. Club writers sing the praises of songs they know well—some inspired by a weekly theme and some not, but always songs worth hearing.

As a producer, rapper, and mad genius, DOOM has an unparalleled ability to spin pop-culture’s rancid detritus into creative gold—he’s a cultural magpie who re-fashions the sum of pop culture in his own comic-book image. It would be difficult to imagine detritus more rancid than the catchphrase-based comedy stylings of country-fried funnyman Larry The Cable Guy, best known for his star-making turn in Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector. On “Get ’Er Done,” a standout track from the Jake One-produced album White Van Music, DOOM once again turns trash into treasure, creating a kick-ass song with a quick sample of Larry The Cable Guy’s famous three words. DOOM and Larry The Cable Guy normally don’t inhabit the same world: DOOM seems to know everything and has the vocabulary and frame of reference to prove it, while Larry broadcasts his ignorance and limited worldview. Among his many other gifts, DOOM seems single-handedly committed to keeping old-timey slang alive in popular music: “Get ’Er Done” contains references to such beloved geriatric phrases as “two bits,” “cash cow,” and “move it or lose it,” and yet this not-quite-meeting of opposites—the cerebral trickster who’s never afraid to rap and write over his audience’s head and the hillbilly cartoon-man peddling cynical, pandering shtick—meshes perfectly. The song re-contextualizes Larry The Cable Guy’s hackneyed catchphrase into a stirring existential declaration, an underground hip-hop anthem utilizing an unmistakably above-ground source. “Get ’Er Done” is, undoubtedly, the most/only awesome thing Larry The Cable Guy has ever been a part of.


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