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Robyn: Body Talk Pt. 3

With Body Talk Pt. 3, Robyn caps an exceptional run of EPs that combine to form what is hands-down the best dance-pop album of the year. (A compilation of most of these songs, called simply Body Talk, is also available.) At only five tracks, it’s the shortest of the bunch, but it also might be the best, a short, sweet burst of dance-floor delirium that proves there’s still room for smart, mature songwriting and heartfelt performance in the high-gloss world of club music. Unlike with the first two parts, there’s no space given over to a solitary ballad or minimalist electro pulse; Pt. 3 storms out of the gate with a joyfully pumped-up version of the Pt. 2 ballad “Indestructible,” and it doesn’t let up from there. “Time Machine” reunites Robyn with fellow Swede Max Martin for the first time since 1997’s “Show Me Love,” and the result is just as infectious, and hat-tips Back To The Future to boot. “Stars 4-Ever” and “Get Myself Together” nod back to the ’80s and ’90s, respectively, mining deep veins of nostalgia without being overly retro-cute. The record reaches its apex at its midpoint with “Call Your Girlfriend,” which turns the breakup-anthem conceit on its ear in a manner that makes getting dumped seem inspiring. Over the course of Body Talk, Robyn has proved that there’s real emotion to be found among the ones and zeros of electronic music, and Pt 3. is the culmination of that outlook: euphoric, personal, and inspirational to the last beat.


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