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Shred: Not Dead

If you've been surfing around YouTube lately, you may have seen the devastatingly funny videos created by Finnish musician Santeri Ojala, in which he overdubs concert footage by guitarists like Carlos Santana, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai and Eric Clapton with his own, deliberately awful shredding. Part of what makes the parodies so great is that Ojala is himself a professional musician, and creates music that so plausibly matches the video that it's hard to tell at first that it's not real. The effect of Ojala's overdubbed skronking on the unbearable pretentiousness and pomposity of, say, Vai going to work on a triple-neck stringed monstrosity is the comedic equivalent of firing a cannon at the Hindenburg: Quick deflation and a fiery crash.

I'm a little late in catching up on this news, but Wired reported last week that one or more of the satirized shredders (it's not clear who) registered a complaint and had Ojala's YouTube account suspended. The good news is that the videos are still online elsewhere: You can find them on his MySpaceTV page, and Wired itself is now hosting them also, with commentary. I'd recommend not reading that commentary until after you watch them; it's funnier when you don't know what's coming. (Note: Each site hosts a different set of videos, and I think that there are fewer currently on MySpace TV than when I first looked.)

(Hat tip to Waxy, where I originally found this story.)


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