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Spinnerette: Spinnerette

Here’s what Brody Dalle has been up to in the six years since the last album she made with The Distillers: She’s been stockpiling hooks. Teaming up with ex-Pearl Jam/Chili Peppers drummer Jack Irons and Alain Johannes (a frequent contributor to Queens Of The Stone Age, the band of Dalle’s husband, Josh Homme), as well as fellow Distiller Tony Bevilacqua, Dalle makes Spinnerette a showcase for her ability to trade styles with equal facility, from clipped, rocking new wave (the uber-catchy “Geeking,” with its throwback double-tracked vocal) to the grungy closer (“A Prescription For Mankind.” which hosts an “experimental” secret track). Most of the time, though, the songs ride thick, rubbery grooves: “Ghetto Love” opens the album with tight, insistent drums and thrumming guitar, while “Driving Song” propels on Irons’ loose drumming, and “Rebellious Palpitations” powers forward on a fuzzy punk riff. “I’m Joan of Arc on a mission of vengeance,” Dalle vows on “Ghetto Love.” “I’m gonna win / I never give in.” Not from the sound of it.


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