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Stream a track from Iceage's upcoming album, New Brigade

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What were you doing when you were 18 and 19? It's a safe bet you weren't in an ultra-hyped band on tour halfway around the planet. Despite their almost annoying precociousness, the four Danish teenagers of Iceage have more than earned the buzz with their debut full-length, New Brigade (which is being released in the States on June 21 on What's Your Rupture? Records). Lean, jagged, spastic, and ravenous, New Brigade puts the punk back in post-punk, and in the process mixes in bits of goth and hardcore. The result is worth every battered eardrum and broken blood vessel.


Look for The A.V. Club's full review of New Brigade soon; in the meantime, think about catching Iceage on its brief East Coast tour. (The group's first New York show will be its live U.S. debut.) After all, nothing says summer like some nice, sweaty, icy punk rock. Also, it'll give you the chance to do these lads a solid and buy them some beer.


Iceage on tour this month:

6/17 - New York, NY @ Public Assembly (Northside Festival) w/ Prurient, Anasazi, Cult Of Youth, Lost Tribe, The Men, Pop. 1280, Yellow Tears, DJ Wes Eisold 
6/19 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Barbary w/ Puerto Rico Flowers, Leather 
6/20 - Baltimore, MD @ Golden West w/ Give, Death Domain 
6/21 - Pittsburgh, PA @ The Shop w/ Kim Phuc, Slices


6/22 - New York, NY @ Other Music (in-store performance) 
6/23 - New Haven, CT @ Popeye's Garage w/ Female 
6/24 - Boston, MA @ Royale Nightclub w/ Fucked Up, Jeff The Brotherhood

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