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Tegan And Sara: It's Not Fun. Don't Do It!

Three albums into their career, Canadian guitar-pop duo Tegan And Sara remain fairly enigmatic and culty, recognized primarily as blank-faced twin sisters infatuated with the urban muscle and new-wave sparkle of bands like Missing Persons and The Pretenders. The DVD It's Not Fun. Don't Do It! fleshes out Tegan And Sara's personality considerably, via a full set of their charmingly lo-fi videos, a tour documentary that catches their playful side, and a revealing making-of feature which shows them having philosophical arguments over what songs on So Jealous, their breakthrough third album, should sound like.


The DVD is anchored by 45 minutes of concert footage and a chatty commentary track by the sisters that belies their stock-still, eyes-closed performing style. Still, even though Tegan And Sara aren't the most dynamic performers, when they can open a show with a song as great as "I Bet It Stung," follow it up with the equally catchy "I Know I Know I Know," and then build throughout the set to their punchy alterna-hit "Walking With A Ghost," it's clear that they're at least building up a formidable repertoire.

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