Even the most ardent Mojave 3 fan surely isn't sweating Tuned To Love, the debut of The Loose Salute, the new dalliance of Mojave 3 drummer Ian McCutcheon. But the great thing is, neither is McCutcheon. True to its name, the side project is a hazily mellow tribute to vintage Laurel Canyon folk-rock that doesn't suffer a bit from the lax vibe. McCutcheon and co-vocalist Lisa Billson make orchestrated songcraft sound as accidental as falling off a barstool: From languid tearjerkers like "Cold Water" to the stomping pop of "From Head To Sandy Toes," the album is less concerned with retro authenticity than it is with whooping it up on the back porch. Even when the songs fall asleep or fizzle out—as they often do—Tuned To Love finds plenty of force in being unforced.