While we all know what Morrissey thinks of Margaret Thatcher, the world has kept a breathless vigil for The Oak Ridge Boys to comment after the British prime minister died yesterday. The long-running country group—which actually dates back to the ’40s—finally weighed in at the end of the day yesterday:

“The Oak Ridge Boys were in attendance when Baroness Margaret Thatcher gave her last public speech. We there at the invitation of then President George W. Bush. As I recall, it was a dinner honoring Ronald Reagan and we sang several songs that evening and got to spend a bit of quality time with Lady Thatcher. It was a great honor and a very memorable event for all of us.” —Joe Bonsall, The Oak Ridge Boys


Nice use of the late PM’s title. The least surprising part of that whole thing is that W is an Oak Ridge Boys fan, but great to hear it was a very memorable event.

Unrelated: Oakridgeboys.com has a whole tab dedicated to the song “Elvira”: Home, About, Elvira, Community, Tour, Media, Merch, Links, Fans, Contact. Check them out at the Struthers Library Theatre in Warren, Pennsylvania, Friday. Maybe they'll send out “Cryin’ Again” to her.