Practically every minute on The Uglysuit's debut full-length sounds familiar, in mostly positive ways. These Oklahoma City young'ns—barely into their 20s—haven't exactly perfected the art of distilling their influences, so bits of other bands creep in: a sprinkle of The Shins here, a light dusting of Wilco there, some Midlake, and a strong pinch of Conor Oberst's voice on one track, "…And We Became Sunshine." There are enough obvious antecedents that The Uglysuit can mix and match to make potent new combinations—and the group tends to borrow mood as much as the tangible elements. Their self-titled disc's clear highlight is the country-rocking "Chicago," which wrangles a chorus more forcefully than the rest of the wandering songs. "Elliot Travels" is 80 seconds of pretty piano, which takes off into the choral, jaunty "Anthems Of Arctic Birds," which in turn winds into the dirgey seven-minute "Everyone Now Has A Smile," which at its swirliest moments recalls Ride. It never coheres long enough to be truly transcendent, but The Uglysuit hints at greater things to come—and offers up enough great, though too easily recognizable, moments to recommend it already.