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The Week That Was: The Week That Was


In April 2007, the end of the "Field Music indie band" (as one member disdainfully called it) was announced on the BBC. The trio was exhausted by the popularity song-and-dance routine, and its members announced their intent to "go and do some real work." While David Brewis' School Of Language—a jerky cut-up rock project that emerged in January—felt like work still in progress, his brother Peter's The Week That Was is truly a labor to love. It helps that the gang is all here (David, Field Music keyboardist Andrew Moore, nine others) to act out Peter's handsome ambitions as composer/conductor. The Week That Was leaves "indie rock" behind, hops right over hip marching-band music, and lands square between the lofty obelisks of high-art pop and New Music. "It's All Gone Quiet" deftly channels Another Green World-era Eno over a Reich-like vibes-and-drums combo. "The Good Life" imagines Peter Gabriel singing for Talking Heads. "Come Home" is the kind of thing that might emerge from Cornelius producing The Kinks. Meanwhile, Kate Bush and Brian Wilson just kind of frolic freely throughout. It's a tough set of legacies to live up to, but the freshly liberated Field Music crew doesn't seem the least bit intimidated.

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