So… Henry Rollins has a talk show on IFC, which is pretty entertaining, especially if you're predisposed to the punk muscleman's attitude and humor. Even if you're not, he's had some pretty swell guests already: Ozzy Osbourne apparently loves our Hank, and PT Anderson even stopped by to talk up a movie he hasn't apparently started yet. (No questions about Fiona, though — you're slippin', Hank!)

Henry has also wrangled some fine musical guests, though they're strangely presented in a room (by another person) that appears far from Rollins. Perhaps having wimps like Death Cab For Cutie in the same room would send him into a rage. So check this out: Rollins scored a Thom Yorke solo performance, of "The Clock," from Yorke's new solo record. (It's being generally harumphed and lambasted by critics who, I contend, would be drooling if it had been presented as a new Radiohead album.) It's good. The show doesn't air until Saturday (with guest John C. Reilly, who also rules). But you can check it out here, suckaz!