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We get a lot of records sent to us here at The A.V. Club. Fortunately, we end up liking some of them. That’s why we launched Playlisted, to share our latest recommendations of tracks music fans have to hear.


Titus Andronicus, “In A Big City”
Local Business, Titus Andronicus’ new record, won’t be out until October 22, but the band released both the album’s artwork and debut single this week. “In A Big City” once again cements the New Jersey band as the kings of wordy, anthemic garage punk. Sorry, Against Me!—Patrick Stickles and crew have you pinned.

Wanda Jackson, “Tore Down”
Although Wanda Jackson, the queen of rockabilly and fringed clothing, doesn’t show up until almost a minute into the new video for “Tore Down,” she’s there in badass spirit the whole time. The clip follows a gang of lady toughs around town, spying on them as they flip switchblades at strangers and steal—for some reason—an uncredited Ron Jeremy’s bike. While it’s fun and everything, the video doesn’t overshadow the song, which finds Jackson turning on the sass full force, never mind the fact she’s in her 70s. Her latest, Unfinished Business, is out October 9.

Missy Elliott, “Triple Threat” featuring Timbaland
Whereas last week’s Playlisted featured just a snippet of one of Missy Elliott’s new songs, this time around we’ve got the real deal. Elliott and Timbaland released two new tracks this week, “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat,” and while the former is representative of the duo’s previous work, “Triple Threat” takes their signature style and drags it into 2012. Thick with electrobeats and dub zooms, the track is both so now and so vintage it can’t help but please.

Kilo Kish, “Navy”
While recent FIT graduate Kilo Kish doesn’t really consider herself a rapper, people sure think a lot of the words she lays down. Her recent shows in New York have drawn everyone from Mos Def to Lena Dunham, even though her debut EP, Homeschool, only came out earlier this year. “Navy” is her first video, and it’s decidedly lo-fi. Directed by Kish with the help of Ben Rayner, the clip perfectly merges the rapper’s vague phone-booth posing with her lackadaisical rhymes.


Hundred Visions, “Hot Trash/Let’s Go Young” 
Austin act Hundred Visions blends Britpop with post-punk, ending up with tracks that sound a little bit like Talking Heads tunes layered thick with distortion and fuzz. After releasing an EP earlier this year, the band is putting out a split single next week, and The A.V. Club has an exclusive download of both tracks in this week’s Playlisted. While “Hot Trash” is a little more tonally dynamic, “Let’s Go Young” is classic bar rock, perfect for nights spent smashing Lone Star bottles and drag-racing pick-up trucks.


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