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Tracklist: Kathy Griffin's comedy CD

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Keith just dropped Kathy Griffin's debut comedy CD, For Your Consideration on my desk. Here's the track list:

1. The Hot Ticket

2. The Survey: Gay? Straight?

3. The Clicker (For The Maggie Fans)

4. My First Rebanning (Hi Barbara Walters!)

5. Happy Sunday (More Maggie!)

6. Cover Me

7. Oprah Is A Deity (And I Think She Is Full of Sh**)

8. Oprah's Favorite Things

9. The Osmonds Were Never Cool

10. Freaky Doll People (Demi? Oh Yeah!)

11. Straight Guys Wake Up!

12. Our New Daddy's Coming

13. Wizard Of Woz

14. My Run In With Spielberg

It reminds me of the (ironic) tracklist on David Cross' It's Not Funny (and Shut Up You Fucking Baby!):

1. Certain Leaders In Government Look Or Act Like Certain Pop Culture References!

2. Women, Please Rinse Off Your Vagina And Anus!

3. I've Taken A Popular Contemporary Pop Song And Changed The Lyrics To Comment On The Proliferation Of Starbucks In My Neighborhood!

4. A Rapid Series of Comical Noises!

5. Although Indigent, Rural Families Have Little To Say In The Matter, Their Meager, Third-Rate Public Education Has Kept Them Ignorant And Thus, Great Sources Of Ridicule!

6. My Child Is Enthralling, Especially When It Says Something Unexpectedly Precocious Even Though It Doesn't Understand What It Just Said!

7. My Immigrant Mom Talks Funny!

8. When It Comes To Jews, Behavior One Might Perceive As Obnoxious And Annoying I Present As "Quirky" But It's Okay To Joke About It Because I, Myself Am Jewish!

9. Pandering To The Locals!

10. Even Though I Am In The Closet, That Won't Prevent Me From Getting Cheap Laughs At The Expense Of Homosexuals!

11. Weathermen Have Become, For the Most Part, Obsolete!

12. When All Is Said And Done, I Am Lonely And Miserable And Barely Able To Mask My Contempt For The Audience As I Trot Out The Same Sorry Act I've Been Doing Since The Mid-Eighties!

Wait, are we sure that last one isn't on Griffin's CD? Oh no, wait. It would be the "Mid-Nineties" if it were. But hey, maybe it's funny–though considering the cover sticker, maybe I should probably just forward it along to Amelie:





Kathy Griffin

(This is Kathy Griffin's shameless attempt to win a Grammy Award - so buy it!)

I'm laffing already!


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