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Given her name, it’s pretty unsurprising that Trixie Mattel would be into dolls. What even diehard fans might not know, though, is just how much she’s into them. She has hundreds of fashion dolls like Barbie in her Los Angeles dream home—both on shelves and in the original boxes boxes in her “shame closet”—all surrounded by related amazing tchotchkes, like framed patents for Barbie, themed pillows and ottomans, and a baby-pink refrigerator. She spends weekends when she’s not on the road at doll conventions, trolls the internet looking for ways to round out her collection, and even has friends inside the team that works on Barbie over at Mattel. For the singer, comedian, and drag queen, dolls aren’t just an interest—they’re a lifestyle and an inspiration. As she recently told Dazed, “I don’t want to look like a woman. I want to look like a thing that you could pull a string on the back.”

Mattel has gone so far as to commission clothes and looks for herself based on outfits her dolls wear—including some she’ll be sporting.on her upcoming Grown Up World Tour, which kicks off February 5 in Seattle. The A.V. Club sat down with Mattel in her Trixie Dream Home to talk dolls, dolls, and more dolls, and how those dolls have influenced both her life and her style.


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