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Various Artists: Kurt Cobain: About A Son

The Kurt Cobain documentary About A Son—which has thus far played festivals but may see wider release—revolves around a series of interviews with the Nirvana frontman, conducted by Michael Azerrad. The accompanying soundtrack offers a few of his famously disgruntled comments (on fame, music, and more), but is mostly designed around bands Cobain professed love for, from Mudhoney to The Vaselines to David Bowie. (Where the hell are Meat Puppets?) The only new stuff to be found: incidental music by Steve Fisk and Death Cab For Cutie's Benjamin Gibbard, plus Gibbard's quiet take on Beat Happening's "Indian Summer." It's hardly essential, considering everything except the Cobain chats are available elsewhere, but it's an interestingly diverse look at bands that influenced one of the biggest phenomena of their time.


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