Now Again, Stones Throw's nifty re-issue arm, struts its stuff with Now-Again Re: Sounds Vol. 1, a groovy collection of dusty old tracks, newfangled remixes, and terrific unreleased tracks from Aloe Blacc ("Blind World") and Edan ("Sagittarius Rap"). Edan's mind-blowing contribution trippily equates artistic creation with sexual procreation, while Koushik contributes a cover of Stark Reality's "Too Much Tenderness" that floats airily up into the ether. Other highlights include two different versions of L.A. Carnival's "Blind Man" (Cut Chemist's remix and M.E.D.'s rap cover), a wonderfully warped soul song that obsesses monomaniacally on the titular infirmity of a romantic rival in deeply hilarious, wildly inappropriate ways.