Relative newcomers to a genre that might just as well be called Grey's Anatomy-rock, Vega4 should appeal squarely to those who discovered "edgy" music like Snow Patrol and Coldplay through the show. You And Others, the British band's second album, butts rafter-reaching power-ballads against rafter-reaching radio-rockers, each clearly prepared for maximum stickiness. Sometimes it works: The album-opening "You & Me" sounds like a dozen other Brit-rock tracks of the last decade, but its undeniable vocal hook should inspire even the most hate-prone to a whistle or two, and tracks two and three are similarly muscular. Things start to peter out quickly thereafter, though, with lighter-waving weepers that reach for Coldplay but end up at The Fray (or worse). Still, there are enough solid songs that You And Others should end up at least worthy of anonymous mix-disc fodder, instead of being entirely forgotten.