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VHS Or Beta: Bring On The Comets

VHS Or Beta's 2004 debut Night On Fire was actually pretty good, even though it remains one of this decade's most blatantly calculated exercises in retro-wave trendspotting. But the stars that aligned for the band back then have moved on, and VHS's tardy follow-up, Bring On The Comets, might as well have stayed in bed. Where Night On Fire dazzled with Daft Punk fizz and Duran Duran gloss, Comets is a matte, drab smattering of ersatz dance-floor anthems and some lewdly brutish stabs at Beatles-esque melody. The disc's plastic-y single, "Can't Believe A Single Word"—in spite of stealing a bit from The Rave-Ups' classic "Positively Lost Me"—is just more junk for the Interpol-meets-The Killers slagheap. And sadly, that's as good as the album gets.


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