Today marks the beginning of a new era in A.V. Club videos: the premiere of our latest ground-breaking, fun-making series, Talent Show. For Talent Show, various talented people (“the talent,” if you will) are challenged to do all manner of tasks, from answering trivia questions to replicating Supermarket Sweep. In future episodes, you’ll see everyone from sports legends to Saturday Night Live stars facing down our outrageous demands, but for the premiere, we’ve gone simple—and simply stupid. For the clip above, The A.V. Club challenged noted baseball cap aficionado Mac DeMarco to halfway attempt to take on the obviously very official internet record held by young Austin Rader of Naperville, Illinois. Rader, according to, can wear 61 baseball caps at once, all balanced precariously on top of his head. We challenged DeMarco to do 30, a number—as you’ll see—that we really should have pushed a bit higher. The results were both silly and satisfying, and for DeMarco’s game attitude, The A.V. Club offers a tip of our metaphorical hat.

There’ll be a new Talent Show video on The A.V. Club every Monday for the foreseeable future. Check back often. Things are going to get weird.