What's going on in Kentucky? Judging by My Morning Jacket's new record and its hometown tourmate Wax Fang, it's like a flair for theatricality is being transmitted through the Louisville water. But while MMJ's turn to prog went for funky twists, it's immediately clear from the grandiose opening of Wax Fang's La La Land that frontman Scott Carney is fully intent on creating a Pink Floyd-esque prog-rock opera. From spacey, eerie psychedelia to whistling to references to World War II, the album conveys a vision as strongly as The Wall did, but with a less-polished, basement aesthetic that provides vivid moments of needed brightness. Spanning soaring whirls of energetic guitar pop ("The Doctor Will See You Now") and rolling, break-of-dawn mini-epics reminiscent of Arcade Fire (the closing "Wake Up Sleepyhead!"), La La Land is a fiercely focused collection with an impressive, bold ambition and artistic cohesiveness. It's a strong effort, but even if Carney's dream of resurrecting Roger Waters doesn't work out, Wax Fang could probably compose some incredible Off-Broadway rock musicals.