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What's The Worst Part About Billy Corgan Vs. Courtney Love?

Every once in a while, a pop-culture "controversy" will bubble to the surface like so many frothy vomit punchlines told by Glenn Beck, and it will fill you with a vague fog of rage. Certainly something about it makes you angry, but you aren't sure what. You need to hone your ire, whittle it down to a sharp prison-yard shank of emotion—and The Hater is here to help you. Together, we can harness your negativity, which, as we all know, is a great source of energy.  Let's Choose Your Outrage!

Courtney Love and Billy Corgan hate each other. This has been the case almost as long as the word "Lollapalooza" has existed. The reason for this mutual hatred is largely unknown and definitely unimportant, but every now and again Corgan and Love like to remind the public that, yes, they do still hate each other. Case in point: Yesterday, Billy Corgan released a Twitter tirade against Courtney Love because, well, the Twitter and his hatred of Courtney Love were right there, why not combine them? "Only u could abandon such a beautiful, incredible child who is smarter than u, cooler than u, and better than u. Oops, did i say too much?" Corgan rage-tweeted, amongst numbered things like "Thought #4: when you issue someone an apology on YOUR Facebook page you might actually mean it and take responsibility for it. But…" Courtney Love countered with confirmation of her general numbness: "@billy all i am is nice about you so if you wanna be mean be mean i dont feel anything."  

Choose Your Outrage!

The worst part about this is:

a. That it involves Billy Corgan.

b. That it involves Courtney Love.

c. That it involves Billy Corgan, Courtney Love, and Twitter.

d. That it involves rampant use of Prince-speak ("u" for "you," etc.) and yet, not Prince.


e. That it forces you to think about the 90s, and Doc Martens, and Hypercolor, and why they never made Hypercolor Doc Martens.

f. This photo of Love and Corgan in 2007

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which only serves as a reminder that the most common paths for 90s alt-rockers are giant hollow-cheeked baby man and melted mannequin.

g.  The sneaking suspicion that facilitating feuds amongst aging celebrities might be Twitter's killer app.


h. All of the above.

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