At first glance, Kanye West's new line of $700 sneakers for Louis Vuitton seem like something only Kanye West, or a geriatric yachtsman with a ton of disposible income (aka, Kanye West in 50 years) would wear. After all, when Kanye West wears what can only be described as a pair of purple and brown padded boat shoes with tassels, most onlookers are too blinded by Kanye's radioactive ego to even notice. But when an an ordinary person wears those terrible shoes, there is no retina-singeing ego explosion to distract from the spectacle of such offensive footwear.

Sometimes, however, a little context is all you need to see the versatility of $700 Louis Vuitton Dune-inspired sneakers designed by Kanye West. Thanks to the following photos (via Racked), it's easy to see several scenarios where Kanye's sneakers would look appropriate.

For example, you could wear them while getting your lean on in your special getting-my-lean-on hot pink button-down:


You could wear them while hanging out in the park, waiting for someone to ask, "Ew. What's wrong with your shoes?"

If you're planning a "Standing around, waiting to die" outfit for your golden years, they're a great addition:


Or, if you're putting together a "Standing in the street, sobbing" look, just cry over the sneakers—the tassels are surprisingly absorbent.

And, of course, the sneakers look great when you're just hangin' out in an empty courtyard alone.


If you get bored, just look down at the expensive, tasseled atrocities encasing your feet. You won't be able to stop laughing. Or crying. Probably both.