While Andrew Kenny has worked with a wide range of bands—Arthur & Yu, Her Space Holiday, and Broken Social Scene—he’s best known for his work fronting American Analog Set. He draws most from that band for his newest project, Wooden Birds. The result isn’t the most sonically adventurous work Kenny’s created, but it’s a formula that works well. Picking up where the band’s 2009 debut, Magnolia, left off, Two Matchsticks maintains Wooden Birds’ distinct sound: hushed vocals over low, chugging acoustic guitars with lockstep percussion, including the occasional maracas. But the new set of songs also builds upon the band’s previous work, adding extra guitar flourishes, like the vibrato line that weaves through the album-opener, “Folly Cub.” Also adding texture to the songs is increased vocal contributions from members Leslie Sisson (formerly of Western Keys) and Matt Pond. On “Too Pretty To Say Please,” Sisson’s harmonies add a sly sweetness to the line, “She ain’t leaving with you just because you are the one that she brought.” The music remains well within Kenny’s comfort zone, but it’s evolved beyond a one-man show.