Wye Oak had a pretty fantastic 2011. The Baltimore duo's third album, Civilian—you may have seen it atop our year-end list—was released to loads of praise, and tons of touring followed. (You might've seen Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack headlining, or opening for The Decemberists, or The National, or at pretty much any festival.) They're no strangers to our little round room, having won your love with covers of "Strangers" by The Kinks and "Mother" by Danzig. (Merge even released a limited-edition seven-inch featuring the two tracks!) So it was a no-brainer to ask them back for Holiday Undercover, and they took the offer as seriously the third time, covering the little-known Brenda Lee chestnut "Christmas Will Be Just Another Lonely Day." Stack switched over to bass for the song, which also features some programmed beats we're sure Santa would enjoy.