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'YOU bringing the steez to it': Ghostface Killah drops fashion science

Wednesday afternoon, as many Americans grappled with what the election results meant for our lives and the future, the inimitable Ghostface Killah decided it was high time to talk about your steez. Via nearly 20 rapidly posted tweets, he addressed everything from shoes to jeans to hair and your general attitude. How's your haircut game?

A lot of niggas don't know how to get busy.
1:27 PM Nov 3rd via web

A lot of y'all muthafuckas just throw on whatever whatever whatever and just think thats whats poppin and it's not poppin man.
1:28 PM Nov 3rd via web

Yo when you step out the crib, just make sure you match. Don't be coming outside on some like you Rainbow man or something like that G.
1:29 PM Nov 3rd via web

With mad different colors and shit and your gear ain't proper. You know what I mean? Make sure your swagger is up to par nahmean. You decent
1:30 PM Nov 3rd via web

You ain't gotta come out looking all Super Fly and dapper and all that shit but just make sure that your gear you know…that you official!
1:31 PM Nov 3rd via web

You can take the wackest gear but make sure that gear, that K-Mart gear, whatever you wearing, you official wit it.
1:32 PM Nov 3rd via web

YOU bringing the steez to it. Nah mean?!
1:33 PM Nov 3rd via web

Make sure your foot game is official. A bitch don't like you to step to her acting like you trying to bag her with your shoes all bent up.
1:36 PM Nov 3rd via web

Or at least if your jeans is fucked up and you got a decent pair of kicks on, you might could be able to pull a bitch. She might go for it.
1:38 PM Nov 3rd via web

Your hair cut game gotta be live too.
1:40 PM Nov 3rd via web

Just make sure that your cut is good. If your cut is good and your kicks is good, you might could get the bitch.
1:41 PM Nov 3rd via web

A lot of y'all niggas ain't LIVE. Nah mean. Out of 100 niggas it might be like 10 LIVE LIVE LIVE thats SUPER LIVE niggas!
1:43 PM Nov 3rd via web

The Rest Of Y'all Niggas Is BIRD NIGGAS! Straight Up!
1:44 PM Nov 3rd via web

The type of niggas that just get punched in the face all day, robbed all day.
1:45 PM Nov 3rd via web

Niggas that was getting stuck for they cupcakes man back in high school, Jr High, taking your Butter crunch man we know about that shit man.
1:47 PM Nov 3rd via web

Like I said, out of 100 niggas it might be like 10 LIVE niggas out of 100 niggas man and which one are YOU nigga. Point it out nigga.
1:49 PM Nov 3rd via web

and is you sure about that dude!
1:49 PM Nov 3rd via web

Needless to say, if you aren't following Ghostface on Twitter, you need to rectify that now.


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