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Yuck: Yuck

Yuck’s Daniel Blumberg has experienced the crush of the hype cycle before. Formerly the voice behind Cajun Dance Party, a spritely UK indie-pop outfit that once sent NME nerds into paroxysms as short-lived and intense as they come, Blumberg’s songwriting is now seeking heat again. This time around, as frontman for London four-piece Yuck, the 20-year-old is working with sonics much different than the crispy Belle & Sebastian notes he once reconfigured—namely the halcyon distortion of Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth. To that end, Yuck’s self-titled debut is a well-timed early-’90s period piece through and through. And whether it’s the sugary thud of “The Wall,” the deadpanned melodicism of “Operation, ” or the hazy ache of “Stutter,” Yuck remains extremely faithful to source material. That should pose a problem for purists, but Blumberg’s new songwork is rich enough to warrant further listening. The closing seven-minute crescendo of “Rubber” in particular feels like a song we might remember next year and the following. Gloriously heavy layers of guitar groan and squeal around one gently placed, sweetly phrased hook: “Should I give in?”


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